About Us


Advance Sleep Medical Center, Inc. is conveniently located in the "Miracle Mile" district of Los Angeles, adjacent to Beverly Hills and easily accessible to most freeways throughout Southern California. Under the leadership of Payam Shadi, M.D., Advance Sleep Medical Center, Inc has quickly become a premier Sleep Laboratory Clinic in Southern California by using the latest cutting edge technological advances to effectively diagnose and treat sleep related problems. Dr. Shadi is now regarded as one of the most prominent experts in the field of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Behavior Medicine.

The Center has been at the forefront in discovering new technological advances and has been at the forefront of treating Sleep Disorders by employing the most recent technological advances in the field of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Behavior Therapy. The Center is fully equipped and capable of performing such comprehensive diagnostic tests as Nocturnal Polysomnogram, Multiple Sleep Latency Tests (MLST), Maintenance of Wakefulness Tests and CPAP/ Bi level Procedures. Utmost attention is taken to ensure that our sleep lab equipment is meticulously calibrated every 30 days, and all safety and procedure protocols are updated and revised in strict compliance with the American Sleep Disorders Association Guidelines in order to ensure 100% patient safety and satisfaction.

The Center's Sleep Laboratory is equipped with state of the art Cadwell Version 1.72, and our technicians are meticulously trained prior to working at the Center. The sleep diagnostic equipment EDF has also been formatted for research purposes. Presently, the Center maintains a locked and secure drug storage area, as well as a refrigerator with daily temperature logs, exclusively intended for our patient's private use. All file closets are securely locked to ensure patient privacy. The privacy and confidentiality of our
patients is of paramount importance to Dr. Shadi, and his staff is committed to accommodating the particular needs of every patient. We make every effort to ensure that our patient's stay at the Center is as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Advance Sleep Medical Center, Inc. has a specially equipped section designed for overnight sleep studies where highly trained technicians using the latest in state of the art monitoring equipment are able to monitor, observe and record such processes as sleep patterns, heart and respiratory activity and body movements. Physicians from an array of medical fields work closely together to provide our patients with a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment options. Our Center is also equipped with EKG, PFT (In-House), X-Ray, CT scan and MRI in the same facility for precise monitoring and the convenience of our patients.